You are feeling terrible with sharp pains that are shooting through your upper abdomen. You might have seen the doctor 2-3 times and he's probably diagnosed you with acute cholecystitis (inflamed gallbladder) which is caused by a gallstone blockage in the bile ducts. And he has given one remedy- GALLBLADDER SURGERY. But he's WRONG and you can keep your valuable gallbladder.

Have you ever heard the old saying, "The best medicine is prevention"? Obviously, the person who coined this phrase didn't have to be a brain surgeon. But when it comes to gallstones, preventing future gallstones can also be a way to pass them.

Gallstones are formed due to the under production of the bile digestive juices in the gallbladder. As a result, the excessive cholesterol that the liver passed on to the gallbladder has overpowered the levels of bile.

Another drug being introduced which is the methyl tert-butyl ether has not yet gained wide acceptance because the very nature of this drug is known to be flammable, toxic and environmentally hazardous. Hence, the likeliest options for being safe and cost efficient are the herbal medicines used in dissolving gallstones naturally.

On the other hand, you can pass your gallstone(s) by flushing your gallbladder, bowel and liver. You can also convert the cholesterol (gallstones are usually made up of hardened cholesterol) to bile. Here are some tips to begin passing your gallstones.

These capsules are fit and suitable for men and women of all ages and do not contradict with any treatment. Due to purely herbal composition these capsules can be taken without any medical prescription as herbs used in these are well known for not causing any sort of side effects even after prolonged use.

2. Vitamin therapy has also been very popular! For instance, it has been shown that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can naturally change cholesterol to bile which will prevent gallstones and could dissolve stones in your gallbladder.

But Annie had done this flushing two weeks earlier and, as I could see, she was in great shape and not suffering. Moreover, what I had read on internet sites about this flushing was reassuring and confirming me that it was the thing to do.

5. Finally, you should also go for a walk. Did you know that 30 minutes of exercise a day can make all of your bodily systems work more efficiently and effectively? Many of our customers have found that exercising flushed their gallstones but also helped them lose 20+ pounds of body fat.

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